Empower Mats.

Empower Mats: Facilitating the participation of blind or visually impaired students in competitive robotics programs.

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We asked one of the students from TechBrick Robotics (http://techbrick.com) to learn Quorum and write equivalent programs in EV3 and Quorum.  Lila completed 4 years for FIRST LEGO League and now has moved up to FIRST Tech Challenge. We gave her a series of assignments. They are listed below. 

Menu Stacker and Switch Code NEW!

This codes gets around the 20 second compile delay because you can pre-compile the code. It will execute immediately upon button press. There are two versions:

  1. Button Switch: Assign up to five programs to the buttons on the face of the EV3 brick. Exit by pressing the exit button. Run the programs by pressing any of the five buttons.
  2. Program Stacker:  This code allows you stack an unlimited number of programs into a scrolling menu on the EV3 brick. Us the up/down keys to select and the center button to execute.

Downloading the code:

txtView the button control source code in a text file.
View the demo on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/nVqBVAqad4A

txtView the menu source code in a text file
txtView the menu code readme file.
View the demo on YouTube: https://youtu.be/DqN2XvVcLcI

Lila's complete basic code for EV3 and Quorum can be downloaded here:


Lila's Advanced Code Samples for Quorum can be downloaded here. ZIP file contain the full code set:

zipcolorname.zip: Read the value of a color
   View the Color Name Source Code in a Text File
   View the demo on YouTube: https://youtu.be/eQOvDHO-oDk

zipcountblackbars.zip: Count bars and stop on a specific bar
   View the Count Bars Source Code in a Text File
   View the demo on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/53UVuziPljQ

zipreflectionlevel.zip: Learn to read the relection leve (density) of a color
   View the Reflection Level Source Code in a Text File
   View the demo on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/6FG8Pwi-7CM

zipstoponcolor.zip: Stop on a specific color
   View the Stop On Color Source Code in a Text File
   View the demo on YouTube: https://youtu.be/lGNKy0Hdm2A

ziplinefollowing.zip: Follow a black line.
   View the Line Folowing Source Code in a Text File
   View the demo on YouTube: https://youtu.be/NqhSt9U88_E

These are being provided 'as is' as examples. We cannot answer questions about the code. See the Quorum website for Q&A sources at https://quorumlanguage.com.

This video demonstrates the results of her work.

These programs demonstrate that all the functionality of the Mindstorms software is available in an accessible format for blind and visually impaired students. (Play full screen to see the code samples.)

Lila demonstrates some programs written in Quorum, accessible software for EV3. View in full screen mode to see the code clearly.

Sample Equivalency

Drive Turn Program in EV3


Drive Turn Program in Quorum


Empower Mats Reseach Tasks

Task One: Write and Document 5 EV3 Sample Programs

Task Two: Write and Document The Same Functions in Quorum

Write, test and document with screen captures, code, and photos of the robot, these basic EV3 tasks. THe consultant my modify or add to this list.

  1. Drive forward and stop three times
    1. Six inches and stop
    2. Then an additional 12 inches and stop
    3. Then an addition 24 inches and stop
    4. Be sure to use and document braking code for a clean stop and contrast non-braking and braking effects.
  2. Drive Forward and Turn
    1. Drive 12 inches and stop
    2. Turn 90 degrees clockwise
    3. Drive 6 inches and stop
    4. Turn 45 degrees counterclockwise
    5. Drive 12 inches and stop
    6. Turn 180 degrees
    7. Drive 6 inches and stop
    8. Turn 360 degrees
  3. Smooth Turns
    1. Drive 24 inches with a smooth turn in varying radii
    2. Tight circle
    3. Medium circle
    4. Large circle
    5. The using the medium circle to a right 180 degree turn then reverse to crate an S pattern.
  4. Sensors
    1. Drive forward and stop when touch sensor is actuated
    2. Drive forward and reverse when touch sensor is actuated
    3. Drive forward and stop and turn 180 degrees when touch sensor is actuated
    4. Drive forward and stop when light sensor is actuated
    5. Drive forward and reverse when light sensor is actuated
    6. Drive forward and stop and turn 180 degrees when light sensor is actuated
    7. Drive forward and reverse when ultrasonic sensor is actuated
  5. Attachments
    1. Create one attachment motor that lifts an object
    2. Drive forward to the object.
    3. Stop and lift it.
    4. May be combined with Sensors


  1. For each task capture enough screens to explain the task.
  2. Save code in an orderly naming scheme.
  3. Video the robot doing the tasks. Please use horizontal video.

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